Our standard weekly lawn care service includes:

  • Weekly Mowing.
  • Line trimming (weed eating) around all edges, trees, posts, fencing etc.
  • Edging all concrete sidewalks, patios, flowerbed curbing and driveways with a blade edger.
  • Blowing off all hard surfaces.

We use mowers with sharp blades A sharp blade makes a clean precise cut of each grass blade. This crisp cut allows the grass to heal quickly and leaves the lawn looking GREAT! A dull blade tears grass blades. This results in straggly rough tips which give the lawn an ugly, gray appearance and expose grass to diseases. We sharpen our mower blades weekly if not more often to give you the best cut.

If your lawn allows us to we will mulch the grass. If there is too much growth or to many debris resulting in a less desirable finished product we will bag the grass clippings and haul them off for you.

We will be happy to provide a free estimate within 24 hours of your call.


  • Clean, neat, well cut lawn free of debris and clippings
  • Insured, professional, uniformed friendly service
  • Reliable, same day service every week
  • Fast response but not a rush job
  • Conscientious - Close all gates when finished
  • Sharp mowing blades.
  • Easy to set up a new account
  • Answers the phone and returns calls

There are NO CONTRACTS to sign and you can cancel at any time. Our good work will warrant your continued patronage.